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Leeds Golf Centre course report 13 January 2014

Posted on: January 13th, 2014 by Lydia Eustace No Comments

So, whilst it has been wet this week, for golfers and greenkeepers alike, this is better than snow! Whilst it might hamper some of our works, the courses remains one of the most playable in the region. Here’s what’s been going on this week with course maintenance:

“This week will see us continuing with the construction work on the course with the tee signs to be completed this before our next report. We will also be carrying on with the new paths starting down the 18th.

With all the wet weather we have seen recently, the new ditch hazard across the 17th fairway is still ongoing with days where this work needs to be put hold.

Unfortunately this week we will be saying goodbye to a member of our team as Glenn leaves the business – we wish him all the best for the future.

Don’t forget you can follow our progress and get daily course information from our greenkeeping Twitter account by following @LeedsGolfCentre

Chris Green
Head Greenkeeper

* during the works the 17th will be a shorter, par 4 hole on a temporary green.

Leeds Golf Centre course report 6 January 2014

Posted on: January 6th, 2014 by Lydia Eustace No Comments

It’s 2014! Surely by now we should be user sci-fi hover-mowers? With all the technology around these days, we are truly glad that nothing is better for your golf course than a good greenkeeping team, and we have a great one! They have kept the course in great shape through the wet weather and the course has been especially busy for this time of year. Find out how Chris, our head greenkeeper, and his team will be keeping Leeds Golf Centre in top shape this week:

“First of all I would to start by wishing all of our members and visitors a very happy new year from myself and the greenkeeping team!

As always at the start of the year now is time for construction work on the golf course and we are very busy with a new of different projects. The team who are doing the new feature across the 17th fairway have returned to site following a Christmas break and are making good progress so this will really be coming along over the coming weeks*.

We have just started work on the old buggy paths that have yet to done and again this will be ongoing. I hope you will all see the improvement over the next few weeks.

As some golfers will already have noticed work has started on relocating the tee signage which, when finished, will match the new signage areas as can already be seen on The Oaks course.”

Chris Green
Head Greenkeeper

* during the works the 17th will be a shorter, par 4 hole on a temporary green.

Leeds Golf Centre course report 16 December 2013

Posted on: December 16th, 2013 by Lydia Eustace No Comments

With the work on one set of features, namely the bunker reshaping, coming to completion our greens team turn their attention to a new feature and works on the 17th hole. This will take the form of a new ditch running across the fairway which, incidentally, will eventually also benefit draining too. In addition to this and in due course, a few trees will be removed from the corner of the 17th showing a bit more of the green from the fairway. You can read Chris’ course report below:

“With the bunker reshaping work now complete all that remains is to lay the new turf on the 7th, 13th and 15th bunker surrounds which the team will be working hard to complete before Christmas.

The new ditch that is going to cross the 17th fairway will be getting underway this week which will mean the hole will be playing shorter while this is carried out*. We appreciate your patience while this exciting feature takes shape. You can see the progress of the new feature on the 17th by following our Twitter page @LGC_Greens. Daily course information sheets will also be on here. “

Chris Green
Head Greenkeeper

* during the works, which are scheduled to last just over a week, the 17th will be a shorter, par 4 hole on a temporary green.

Leeds Golf Centre course report 9 December 2013

Posted on: December 9th, 2013 by Lydia Eustace No Comments

The forecast for the coming week is milder, brighter and undeniably calmer! In fact, the conditions are great for some winter golf so why not read the course report below and then book a tee time online? Our winter special rates include green fees from just £10pp! :

It wasn’t just the golf balls flying around last week as the strong winds moved a lot of course furniture and a few trees to other areas of the course. This didn’t stop another good week of progress on the bunkers, which means we now only have 1 more remaining to reshape. The other bunkers that have been reshaped now have new drainage installed and the 9th bunker has the turf laid on it.

Next week should see the end to the bunker work for this year providing the weather stays on our side and then it will be time to move onto our next project. A new feature on the 17th hole.

You can see the progress of the bunker redevelopment work by following our Twitter page @LGC_Greens. Daily course information sheets will also be on here.”

Chris Green
Head Greenkeeper

Leeds Golf Centre course report 2 December 2013

Posted on: December 2nd, 2013 by Lydia Eustace No Comments

Whilst it’s been a bit on the chilly side, the weather has been very kind for the season and this has allowed our greenkeeping team to continue to make great progress on the current development and maintenance works. Our Head Greenkeeper, Chris Green, expands as follows:

“We have been lucky with the weather again this week which has meant we have been able to work through the bunker reconstruction at a good pace.

The new bunkers on the 9th, 13th,15th and 17th are now ready for the new drainage and then turf can be laid on the surrounds.

The aeration work will be continuing this week and furthermore we will also be topdressing the greens on The Oaks par 3 course next week with a light dressing so this won’t interfere too much with the surface of green.

You can follow our progress daily on our twitter page @LGC_Greens

Chris Green
Head Greenkeeper

Leeds Golf Centre course report 25 November 2013

Posted on: November 25th, 2013 by Lydia Eustace No Comments

Most golfers have spent a fair bit of time in a bunker or two over the years – if you end up in one this week, please watch out for our greenkeeping team as the work through the cold! The appropriately named Chris Green, our head greenkeeper, brings us this weeks report:

“Last week saw mixed weather with not only rain and frost but even some areas seeing snow! Luckily for you,  it takes more than that to stop us working on the  reshaping and remodelling of some of our bunkers. Come rain or shine, this week we will be continuing this job. The bunker on the 13th greenside is starting to take shape and at the beginning of the week we will be finishing this off whilst continuing with the 9th greenside so that they will both be ready to turf.

As part of our ongoing aeration program we will also be slitting the greens this week. Aeration is important for improving drainage, reducing turf compaction and thatch build up and better still, slitting is a method that causes very little disruption to the putting surface.

If you love getting these report, then make sure your follow our greenkeeping twitter account @LGC_Greens for daily updates, announcements and even photos of work that is been carried out.”

Chris Green
Head Greenkeeper

COURSE REPORT 24/06/2013

Posted on: June 24th, 2013 by Lydia Eustace No Comments

The forecast for this week is slightly better – although as it is Wimbledon week, who knows! Warmer temperatures combined with the rainfall at the weekend will make for some healthy growth. This morning’s stimp meter reading was 7.8, and this number is steadily rising.

“This coming week we will be sorrell rolling the greens – this helps keep the top 2 inches of the greens open allowing water-drainage and air circulation for a healthy sward. The greens’ height of cut has now been lowered to 3.5mm plus our greens mowers have just been sharpened too.”

“Work will continue on the 2nd and 6th greens with a little bit of extra t.l.c. for the 16th too – this will include top dressing and over-seeding on the relevant areas.”

“Drumroll please! We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new member of our greenkeeping team – Chris Green (an encouraging name!) will be starting as our new Deputy Head Greenkeeper. Chris joins us with an fine pedigree and I would like to wish him a big warm welcome and hope he settles in here at Wike for a long time.”

Brian D Carr

Head Greenkeeper

COURSE REPORT 03/06/2013

Posted on: June 4th, 2013 by Lydia Eustace No Comments

Whilst the rains certainly did come down last week, our greens team are used to such eventualities and used the time well as you will read below in our head greenkeeper’s course report:

“Once again last weeks weather hampered our plans of top dressing the greens – but the good news is that the glorious weather we have seen over the weekend has allowed us to make great progress with this already.”

“That said, last week’s weather allowed us to spend more time on the 6th where we laid over 600 plugs into the green to patch the marked areas after the shelton drainage were installed a few months back.”

“The good forecast for this week means we shall be sorrell rolling and verticutting the greens – these treatments will help speed up and firm up the putting surfaces especially now that we have lowered the height of cut to 3.5mm”

“Also this week we will be flymowing and clipping around the bunkers as well as continuing with our bunker maintenance.”

Brian D Carr

Head Greenkeeper


COURSE REPORT 20/05/2013

Posted on: May 20th, 2013 by Lydia Eustace No Comments

If you’ve been out playing golf over recent weeks you’ll know that whilst we’ve seen glimpses of a glorious summer, we’ve also experienced some heavy rain and some cold night temperatures. Brian Carr, our head greenkeeper, looks at the week ahead and what it brings:

“After a couple of weeks of good weather with relatively warm weather, the weather took a turn last week. Whilst the courses will have appreciated the heavy rain, the soil temperature dipped again.”

Hopefully the week ahead will prove to be more fruitful and enable us to topdress  the greens and over-seed the 2nd and 6th to bring them on further. We are currently cutting the greens at 4.5mm and by the next report we should be down to our Summer height of cut.”

“Those playing on the Wike Ridge course might spot White Horse, the redevelopment contractors, who will be here to do any remedial work and for the final handover of the course back to our green’s staff.”

Brian D Carr

Head Greenkeeper


COURSE REPORT 13/05/2013

Posted on: May 13th, 2013 by Lydia Eustace No Comments

Well, it’s definitely warmer and also we are experiencing a intermittent rain it’s exactly what the courses need to really kick-start growth on the greens. Brian, our head green keeper, keeps us in the loop with course progress in his weekly course report:

“Soil temperature are finally up which means that we should see some noticeable growth on the greens and with a little more top dressing happening this week we should be back to the high standards that we set last season. Then we will set the bar higher!”

“Also this week we will finish off the work in the new chipping mats on the members’ practice chipping area outside the clubhouse.”

“Coming into action for is first full weeks service is the new zero-turn mower that we mentioned in last week’s report – we will begin to cut in around the trees and make real progress with the semi-rough.”

“Finally, and sadly, the time has come to wish ‘bon-voyage’ to Paul Ellis, our deputy head greenkeeper, who will be heading to new pastures (or fairways). Paul leaves us after 8-years of dedicated service. May I, on behalf of everyone at Leeds Golf Centre, take this opportunity to wish him the very best for the future.”

Brian D Carr

Head Greenkeeper