COURSE REPORT 04/02/2013 - Leeds Golf Centre - Leeds Golf Centre

COURSE REPORT 04/02/2013

Posted on: February 5th, 2013 by Lydia Eustace No Comments

Unremarkably, given the state of the UK’s bizarre climate in recent years, the snow has gone just as quickly as it arrived! And whilst the recent cold snap has hindered the greenkeepers in some respects, they’ve typically made the most of it. Brian Carr reports.

“Last week saw us bringing machine maintenance to a close – the wintry weather gave us a much-needed opportunity to carry out this essential work, all of which is intended to ensure that our greenkeeping ‘hardware’ is in optimum condition for the time when we can use it properly! Of course, the downside to the inclement conditions meant that our progress on the 16th and 7th hole buggy paths was hindered – mostly because deliveries of materials were delayed due to the hazardous driving conditions. That said, providing we now get a clear run of weather, we will be making a start on the 7th this week.”

“As the skies brighten, we will continue giving the trees their winter pruning, especially around the new 4th green. This week will also see the greenkeeping staff continuing to de-plug and re-turf the damaged areas on greens and relieving some of the drain runs around the course – especially the one beside the lake on the 18th. Furthermore, we may be starting to erect the knee-height rails at crossing points over the new burn and around the water features – this work will all be done in-house by the greenkeeping team.”

“At this moment in time, course maintenance and preparation is in ‘the lap of the gods’ due to the aforementioned climate; for this reason, I would kindly ask our valued members and visitors to be patient given the circumstances. Thank you.”

Brian D Carr
Head Greenkeeper


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