Introducing our handiest service yet!

Sick and tired of your pale hand giving the game away when you’ve snuck off to the golf course for a ‘meeting’? Or just need a hand with that embarrassing tan line that appears every summer and cramps your style when you’re not on the golf course? It sounds like you’re suffering from golfer’s hand.

Well this season we’re here to help you gain the upper hand in the situation. Find out more about our new service…

So what is golfer’s hand?

Golfer’s hand is a common condition amongst golf lovers. The symptoms usually show up during the summer months. You can tell whether you have golfer’s hand by checking whether one of your hands is much paler than the other. This is usually caused by the wearing of one glove while you play.

How will the service help my golfer’s hand?

Before your condition gets out of hand, head to our pro shop and discreetly de-glove your golfer’s hand at the counter. Immediately you’ll be whipped away by our trained tannist, into a private room, and there you will be administered our brand new Golfer’s Hand Tan treatment. In just a few sprays, the tantastic formula will work its magic and you’ll be free from your tell-tale golfer’s hand for at least four weeks*.

*results may vary. Tan lasts up to four weeks and can be topped up as often as is necessary.


Joe Feather, who has firsthand experience of the Golfer’s Hand Tan, says:

“Gone are the days when I would feel self-conscious about my uneven tan, caused by my dedication to golf. Thanks to the new service, I’ll be living my summer to the full, on and off the course!”

Nigel Sweet, who’s an old hand in the game, says:

“It’s the best decision I’ve ever made, to sort out my Golfer’s Hand. I’d recommend this service to every golfer in Leeds. This is going to get me out of all sorts of embarrassing situations.”

Put your hands in the air for our one-of-a-kind service!

Happy April Fool’s Day everyone! Did we get you there?