In every conceivable sense, our Academy is the genuine article. Combining unrivalled knowhow and expertise with two state-of-the-art swing studios fitted with Europe’s most comprehensive array of technological wizardry (including FlightScope, V1 Video and the SAM Putt & Balance Lab), our PGA professionals have access to incredible tools that can seriously improve your handicap or overall ability. Contrary to misconceptions, this fantastic facility is intended for players of all abilities and not just professional golfers! Leeds Golf Centre’s instruction customers all enjoy golf lessons taught the 21st Century way, where every detail and feature of technique and ball flight is scrutinised, dissected and discussed during swing studio sessions. The use of video playback permits tremendous insight for both parties – indeed, the visual nature of tuition carried out in this way means that students no longer have to rely on ‘feel’ alone. Instructors can even send links to your video sessions so that you can watch them back and continue learning whenever the opportunity arises. 

Don't simply take our word for - watch the video to the right in which the world's most prolific renaissance golfer, Tiger Woods, explains the benefits of V1 Sports technology has on even the top level of the game.








3for2 Leadbetter Schools
3for2 Leadbetter Schools

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