7 Benefits Golf Has On Your Health

A view of Leeds Golf Centre

You might just think that playing a round of golf is a good excuse to see your friends, go somewhere new, and get out into the fresh air. Well it is a good reason to do all those things but playing a round at Leeds Golf Centre can also have health benefits that can improve your overall well-being!

Here are 7 benefits golf has on your health…

Increase Life Expectancy

According to a Swedish study, if you play golf regularly, your life expectancy may be increased by 5 years. That’s 5 more years to play golf and get that handicap score to the best it’s ever been!

Improved Balance and Muscle Endurance

Think about it, when you play golf, you’re walking a lot, carrying golf clubs around, perfecting your swing so you’ve got the best shot on your team. All these activities mean your muscles are gaining strength and your balance is improving because of the repeated practice on the golf course. This will help in all aspects of life and will improve your game in the long run!

It Reduces The Risk Of Anxiety, Depression and Dementia

When you’re out on the green, your mind isn’t on anything else but the game of golf. This focus helps nerve cell connections in the brain improve and can possibly prevent dementia in the future. The endorphins you get from the exercise on the golf course can also help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety and playing with other people can help boost self-esteem and confidence.

You Burn Off The Calories

Did you know that playing a round of golf can burn 500 calories or more? The frequent movement of walking around the course and carrying bags means that your heart rate is increased and the calories are burnt off one by one. It means you can enjoy that post-golf treat with your friends completely guilt-free!

Walk 4 to 8 Miles Each Round Of Golf

If you’re driving around in a buggy, this amount is going to be less but you’ll still be walking a good distance! If you do walk around the course during a game, you can expect to walk between 4 to 8 miles over a game. And the likelihood is that you’ll not have even noticed that you’re walking that distance because you’re enjoying the game so much.

There Are Social Benefits

This one isn’t so much of a health benefit but we’ve added it in anyway because hanging out with your friends is never a bad thing. Enjoy a round with people you’ve known for years, meet new friends that can tell you about the best courses to try out and have a good catch up over a game of golf. Your health might not benefit directly but we bet you’ll leave with a smile on your face!

You Sleep Better

Being out in the fresh air and all the walking you do in a game of golf is guaranteed to help you sleep better. The body heals during sleep as well so an uninterrupted night’s sleep could be just what you need to feel as good as possible and improve your health overall.

Do you play golf? Do you find that your health has benefited from playing regularly?