Health & Safety


In the case of severe adverse weather conditions, such an as electrical storm, golfers should suspend play immediately and return to the clubhouse as soon as possible. In the case of visibility being poor, and players being unable to see clearly ahead when taking a shot, play should also be immediately suspended for safety purposes.

Course Conditions

When the course is damp or wet, the grass can be very slippery, so we encourage players to take extra care at this time. Players should ensure that they are equipped with appropriate footwear to suit the conditions when out on the course. Players should also use the footpaths where possible and take extra caution on uneven ground.


Golfers should not commence play until any golfers in front are clearly out of range. Ensure no one is standing nearby, in a position where they could be hit by the ball, club, or any debris on the course. If a golfer plays a ball that they then realise could be a danger to another player, they should shout the traditional warning word of ‘FORE!’. If any players hear this warning while out on the course, they should immediately duck down and cover their head, remaining there for 10 seconds until the danger has passed.

Green Staff

Green staff have priority over players at all times, so players should always be attentive and watch out for them on the course. If there are green staff nearby or within range, we ask players to please wait until they have moved before taking any shots.


There are footpaths that run alongside and across the course, and players must give priority to anyone walking on these paths. No shots should be taken until any footpaths within range are clear of other players. When making your way between holes around the course, please stick to the footpaths wherever possible for your own safety.

Golf Buggies

Buggy drivers should stick to footpaths/ the edge of the course at all times. Priority must be given to pedestrians, and drivers should be aware of other players on the course. Do not drive into range of any of the holes. At times, the route can be uneven, so we encourage players to take particular care on slopes and uneven ground. If you face any issues with your buggy whist out on the course, please contact a member of staff immediately. Please return your buggy after your game by parking it up in the space from which you collected it.


On the Wike Ridge course, there are several water hazards. We strongly advise that golfers do not attempt to retrieve any golf balls from these ponds for their own safety. Any players that consciously choose to enter the water hazards do so at their own risk. Leeds Golf Centre will not accept liability for any accidents caused through this.

First Aid

First Aid assistance is available at the clubhouse, and all Leeds Golf Centre staff are first aid trained, so we ask players to return there should they require any help. We have a defibrillator which is kept in a cabinet on the wall to the right of the pro shop main entrance. All Leeds Golf Centre staff are trained to use this, but if a player is required to use this, the machine will provide ‘talking’ instructions for use. We encourage all players to carry a mobile phone with them while out on the course, so they can use it in a case of emergency.