This Is Why Leeds Golf Centre Is The Home Of Modern Golf

When you imagine a golf club, you might think they’re outdated, tight with their rules and just a bit stuck in the past.

Well not with Leeds Golf Centre. We’re one golf club that has brought golf right into the present with incredible technology, relaxed rules and an environment which welcomes professionals, beginners and everyone in-between. Here are a few reasons why Leeds Golf Centre is the home of modern golf…

We Have The Best Technology

From Flightscope, a piece of equipment that will help with your ball control, and V1 video technology that will help you perfect your swing, we’ve got all the latest technology to help you improve your golfing game. There’s also a Balance Lab which will give you that slight edge on the green when playing against your friends; they’ll wonder where you’ve been getting all your extra tuition from!
This golf technology, combined with the knowledge of our helpful pros, will improve your skills and get you to be the best golfer you can be.

Anyone And Everyone Is Welcome

Whether you’re 8 months old and just giggle while being driven in the buggy, or you’re 80 years old and enjoy getting out on the green with your friends. Whether it’s your first game or your 100th. Whether you’re a pro or a have-a-go, anyone is welcome at Leeds Golf Centre. The inclusive environment creates a friendly atmosphere which keeps people coming back to the golf club again and again.

The Rules Are Relaxed

Feel free to stop and take selfies and photos on the green. No one’s bothered if you have the right socks as long as you come to this Leeds golf club with the right attitude. Everyone is welcome in the clubhouse, not just those that are part of the club. And youngsters are welcome 7 days of the week, not just at special times of the year. We’ve relaxed these rules to make golf more accessible and fun for everyone so come along and enjoy the great game of golf.

There’s Not Just Golf, There’s Footgolf

That’s right, you won’t find any other golf club in Leeds to have a Footgolf course so if you’re not feeling the golf green, you can have a kick about instead. Footgolf is a great way for you and your friends to have a bit of a laugh while still having a bit of competitive fun in the great outdoors. It’s fun for families too where not everyone might play golf. Just pick up a ball and a scorecard from reception and get playing!

We’re Open In The Summer And The Winter

That’s right, Leeds Golf Centre is the rare golf club in Leeds that’s open almost 365 days a year. Our modern green allows frost and water to drain away quickly meaning there’s no waterlogged green during the wet and cold months. The short game area is also floodlit, so on an evening when the light has gone, you can still practice on winter evenings at Leeds Golf Centre.

Practice Your Swing On The Driving Range

If you don’t want a full game, you can still practice your swing on the driving range. This space has 15 bays, is fully covered and includes a practice bunker, a short game zone and 2 chipping greens, as well as the driving range. Practice makes perfect so head down to the golf club in Leeds, grab a bucket of balls and enjoy one of the best practice facilities in the area.

We Do Golf Courses And Golf Lessons

You might want a one-to-one session with the pros or a group session to pick up the game. Whatever level of tuition you want, we can organise it for you. Leeds Golf Centre likes providing courses such as Up To Scratch and Leadbetter Golf Camps for Juniors are often run at the golf club so there really is something for everyone. Just enquire for at the shop for more information!

Have you visited Leeds Golf Centre before? Let us know on Twitter if you’re coming down! If you’d like to book a lesson or a golf session, members and visitors can book online or call today on 0113 288 6000.