Join Our Seven Hopefuls On Their Journey To Become The Next Charley Hull

Ellie Robinson and female golfer on the golf course at Leeds Golf Centre

Getting into the game of golf is tough. Getting into the game of women’s golf is even tougher. There are still some golf clubs that don’t allow women to become members. So how are women meant to get into this wonderful game?

Here at Leeds Golf Centre, we’re a golf club that realises women’s golf is a growing part of the sport. And that’s why, this winter, we’re making more effort to get girls into the game of golf by running a junior golf winter program.

Who takes part in the junior golf winter program?

At Leeds Golf Centre, we run Tiger Cubs, a junior competition that happens every weekend at the golf club. Both boys and girls take part to learn and develop their golfing skills. From the Tiger Cub sessions and competitions, we have picked 7 girls to take part in our junior golf winter program. These girls just love golf and have expressed an interest in developing their golfing skills even further. They also have the talent and dedication to go far!

If any other girls want to join, come down to the Tiger Cubs on a Sunday. It’s open to any kid under 14 years of age and it could be the start of the path to golfing glory!

What is the junior golf winter program?

The 7 girls take part in 2 x weekly sessions which are both two hours long. The girls learn golf techniques, on golf course management and practice structure. They also get chance to work on their fitness so they have a good basis to improve their game.

Who are the trainers?

The 7 girls are trained and coached by two PGA professionals. Ellie Robinson is a fully qualified PGA professional. She’s been the Yorkshire captain and the Yorkshire champion so she knows what she’s talking about! Ellie also provides a huge inspiration to the girls wanting to get into the sport and is the driving force behind this movement. Joe Feather, the PGA professional here at Leeds Golf Centre, looks after some of the training sessions and offers invaluable advice to the girls wanting to take their women’s golf game further.

What could our 7 hopefuls end up doing?

Well, the world of women’s golf is their oyster. They learns the basics, develop their skills and can take the game as far as they want it to go. We want them to be able to gain full course handicaps and eventually compete in some club ladies competitions.

The girls set their own goals at the beginning of the year and they’re an ambitious young bunch! The junior winter program for girls is something we want to continue to expand on in the next few years. So who knows, these seven hopefuls could end up turning professional and may be the future teachers of girls learning golf in many years’ time!

If you want to get involved, come into reception to see how you can play the game of golf or book a session on our website!