Here's Who You Can Play A Good Game Of Footgolf With

Playing Footgolf at Leeds Golf Centre

Did you know we have Footgolf at Leeds Golf Centre? Well we do and it’s a lot of fun.

Footgolf was initially installed at Leeds Golf Centre so that anyone could come up here to enjoy a game – even if you don’t like, or play, golf. But, for golfers and non-golfers alike, Footgolf offers something that golf doesn’t: You can play with anyone.

Whether it’s your friends, your family, or your colleagues, here’s who you can play a good game of Footgolf with…

Your Friends

Get your friends together, pull on your trainers, and get booked in for a game of Footgolf. There are 6 holes and the only aim is to kick the football into the hole in as few kicks as possible. Oh who are we kidding, winning is the main aim here right? Especially when you’re playing with your friends.

Your Family

It’s always good to get some green practice in before going out on the course. That’s why Footgolf is perfect for families with youngsters wanting to get into the game of golf. All you need is a sense of fun and a little competitive edge – if you and your family have that, then come on down!

The Girls

Golf and Footgolf aren’t just a boy’s game. More and more females are coming down to Leeds Golf Centre, and Footgolf is just one of the main attractions. Get a score card and a football from reception and find out who the Queen of Footgolf is. Is it you?

The Boys

How about a stag do with a difference? Get the fancy dress on for a good game of Footgolf. There are no prizes given for the silliest costume but pride is all to play for on the Footgolf green…Just remember to keep the fancy dress pre-watershed, Leeds Golf Centre is a family friendly place after all.

Your Colleagues

Footgolf is a great team bonding experience. No one takes it too seriously, it’s a bit silly, and it’s a lot of fun. We do corporate days here at Leeds Golf Centre and Footgolf is just a small part of it. Don’t wait for the coorporate day to come around though, come down for a couple of hours one afternoon for a sneaky practice so that you can impress your colleagues on the big day.

The Kids

No one loves Footgolf more than kids. We pride ourselves on being kid friendly so bring the little ones down for a game. You never know, it might be a great way to introduce them to golf so they can play with you one day.

Your Date

Swap drinks and food for a game of Footgolf. Yes, this is a great date location believe it or not. It’s a great way to spend a couple of hours and is a lot less formal than sitting in a restaurant or in silence at the cinema…

Have you played Footgolf before? If not, come down to Leeds Golf Centre to play a game!