Have you set your New Year golf goals?

Setting New Year resolutions for a golfer in the UK can help improve skills, enhance enjoyment of the game, and promote overall well-being.

Here are some resolutions that a golfer might consider:

Improve Overall Fitness:
Commit to a fitness routine that includes exercises to enhance flexibility, strength, and endurance. This can contribute to better performance on the golf course.

Enhance Mental Game:
Work on mental focus and concentration during rounds. Consider incorporating mindfulness or visualisation techniques to stay calm and focused, especially during challenging situations.

Practice Regularly:
Set a realistic practice schedule to consistently work on various aspects of your game, including putting, chipping, and driving. This regular practice can lead to improved overall performance. As a member at Leeds Golf Centre, you have access to the state-of-the-art practice facilities, the exclusive Hollies practice area, chipping green, putting green and of course, discounted balls for the 19 bay covered, floodlit driving range.

Take Lessons:
Invest in professional golf lessons to receive personalised feedback on your swing and technique. Continuous learning can significantly contribute to skill improvement. At Leeds Golf Centre, our team of qualified PGA Professionals offer 1-2-1 or group based lessons to help you improve your game. Contact the academy today to enquire about availability.

Join a Golf Club:
Joining a golf club can provide a sense of community, opportunities for friendly competition, and regular access to a course. It can also help maintain motivation and discipline. At Leeds Golf Centre, we have some superb membership options available to you – simply call 0113 288 6000 or email info@leedsgolfcentre.com to arrange to visit the club and see what the Home of Modern Golf is all about – join the best golf club in Leeds this year – you won’t regret it!

Set Realistic Goals:
Establish achievable goals for the year, whether it’s improving your handicap, consistently breaking a specific score barrier, or mastering a particular aspect of your game.

Upgrade Equipment:
Assess your golf equipment and consider upgrading or replacing items that are outdated or no longer suitable for your game. Well-fitted clubs and equipment can make a significant difference. At Leeds Golf Centre, we offer a custom-fit service. There is a small charge but this is fully refundable if you proceed to purchase equipment from our fully-stocked Pro Shop. There are also second hand clubs available – just pop in and speak to one of our knowledgeable and friendly team members.

Maintain Golf Course Etiquette:
Commit to adhering to golf course etiquette and proper pace of play. Respecting the course and fellow golfers contributes to a positive golfing experience for everyone.

Stay Informed:
Stay updated on golf-related news, rules, and advancements in equipment. Being informed about the latest trends and developments in the sport can contribute to a more enriched golfing experience.

Remember to tailor these resolutions to your specific needs and preferences. It’s important to set realistic goals that align with your current skill level and commitment to the game.