Why is golf the perfect sport to increase
well-being and mental health?

Golf is one of the most popular, admired, and non-technical sports worldwide. This game not only nourishes your body but also harbours your heart and soul. Moreover, Golf lets you enjoy solitude as you can play this game without forming a team or if you please, you can also make up a group and play in teams. Playing golf can benefit everyone – the game promotes mental and physical benefits, professional development, and social networking.

Reasons why golf is the perfect sport to increase well-being and mental health:

According to Dr. Roger Hawkes findings, ``Playing golf regularly can help “reduce anxiety, improve confidence and boost self-esteem, all of which contribute to improved mental well-being.”

Playing golf is good for your heart and mental health:
Playing golf gets your circulation going thus encouraging your heart to work more efficiently. This sport will lower your chances of having a heart attack or any cardiovascular issues. Moreover, golf is a great way of reducing stress and anxiety. The beautiful surroundings and fresh air will release endorphins in your body – making you feel more relaxed, stress free, and happy. It is believed that playing golf tends to decrease the levels of stress in a human body.

Helps in Managing Stress and Anxiety:
Golf is a cerebral sport. It requires you to focus, plan moves, and execute strategies.By keeping your brain active and in thinking mode, you can focus more on the game and less on the things that may make you feel sad or depressed. People of all ages and abilities can play this game. The best way to combat stress and anxiety is to keep yourself busy with healthy activities. Golf teaches patience – and with patience comes calmness. Calmness melts down your fears, stress levels, and anxiety leaving your mind and body relaxed.

Offers beneficial social interaction:
Psychologists believe that the mental benefits from interacting in a setting such as a game of golf release dopamine, a chemical that mediates pleasure in the brain. People can also benefit from the social gathering at a golf club where people from different backgrounds and mindsets are present. However, this will not only help in building good networking but business-related associations too.

Playing Golf helps you stay fit:
Doctors highly recommend that exercise is a natural stress reliever. Undoubtedly, golf is a serious physical exercise coupled with fresh air, broad and beautiful surroundings, and good company. Even if you are not physically active in your life, golf will help you move without exhausting you. Golf is a great way to start your weight loss efforts. There is no denying the fact that our body type does affect our level of confidence, and plays a vital role in boosting our self-esteem. Therefore, the best way to feel confident is to indulge in an activity that may help you stay fit. Playing golf on a regular basis is a great way to reduce your blood sugar levels while having some quality outdoor fun.

Maintains level of Vitamin D :
Low levels of Vitamin D in the blood can lead to signs of depression and anxiety. The good news is that your body can produce all the vitamin D it needs, as long as you expose it to the sun. Our skin can produce vitamin D only when you get out in the sun, and golf will get you plenty of that.

Golf boosts your confidence and self-esteem:
Golf is a complex but satisfactory and, rewarding sport. The moment your ball goes inside the pitch, it instantly gives you a feeling of joy, satisfaction, achievement and pleasure. Becoming better at golf will fill you with self-confidence – a fantastic cure for everyday anxiety.

Enhances Emotional Stability:
Emotional stability is one of the most essential and hardly learned traits. However, playing golf teaches you self-management, non-dependence, decision-making skills, that foster psychological maturity, and emotional stability, both of which are crucial aspects of wellbeing. Golf will help you nurture your potential to make decisions in your life without depending upon anyone.

Golf gets you outdoors:
According to a study at Harvard University, spending 20 minutes outdoors can significantly reduce stress levels. Playing golf in nice weather can be extremely helpful in your mental well-being. If you are too cooped-up at home, or working at the office, playing a round of golf under the beautiful sky and sunshine could be what you need to rejuvenate your mind and soul.

Golf is an activity enjoyed by people from all walks of life worldwide, and for good reasons. Not only is it an incredibly fun game to play with friends or business associates, but it can also work as a form of therapy to improve one’s mental health. Consider the benefits above, and try to find the time to pick up golf.

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